Vertical Love Ministries

Premarital sexual activity is having devastating affects on this current generation as well as our community at large. Many teen girls are faced with the struggles of unplanned pregnancies, STD’s, abortion and emotional consequences of their choice to become sexually active.


  • Of the abortions that occur each year, 80% of them are by unmarried girls and women
  • 20 million new sexually transmitted infections occur every year in this country, half among young people ages 15–24, costing nearly $16 billion annually
  • Approximately 1,000,000 high school students become pregnant each year resulting in a 90% drop-out rate
  • Research shows that young people who become sexually active are also likely to experience emotional and psychological injuries, subsequent marital difficulties, and involvement in other high-risk behaviors.

Vertical Love Ministries is a group of women who serve teen girls in our community by equipping them to battle the temptation of sexual activity through providing education, clear godly direction and loving support.

Vertical Love Ministries has been educating girls since 2012 on the issue of sexual purity.


We teach:

·  The psychological and health gains of abstaining

   from sexual activity until marriage.

·  That abstinence from sexual activity is the only "safe sex" there is to avoid out-of-wedlock pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and other risks.

·  That a mutually faithful monogamous relationship in context of marriage the design that God created to protect us and bless us.

·  Sexual activity outside of the context of marriage is likely to have negative emotional and physical consequences.

·   Refusal skills for sexual advances and how alcohol and drug use increases vulnerability.

·   The concept of Biblical purity and Gods design for marriage and sex.


Research shows that teens who participate in ongoing education and mentoring are 70% more likely to wait until marriage. This statistic goes up even more when parents are involved in educating and supporting their teens.


Our Purpose:

Vertical Love Ministries exists provide teen girls with an understanding of what true love is and is not.


1 Timothy 4:12
Don't let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith and your purity.